Home Loans

Your home loan will probably be one of the biggest financial investments you are likely to make and the good news is that the banks want your business.


With the almost bewildering amount of loan products on the market today it makes sense to use a MFAA accredited professional to locate the loan that will best suit your life goals.


After all, if you only talk to one lender you will only get to know about their products.

At Gateway Loans we will help you choose the right product using our state of the art software and give you options to choose from.


We have access to hundreds of loan products covering FIRST HOME OWNERS, those that are looking to UPGRADE, those who want to REFINANCE to simply get a better rate or access some of the equity for life choices.


We also help those that may need a LOW DOC LOAN for SELF EMPLOYED people or those who may have had a credit file problem but want to get their life back on track.