Why should you have a regular home loan health check?

Because things change; Interest Rates, Products...and you.

Just because you've spent ages making sure you have the right mortgage, it doesn't mean it will always be right for you. As an MFAA accredited member we can provide a free no obligation home loan health check to see if refinancing your mortgage could save you money.

Mortgage Refinancing Reasons; You Change

When was the last time you checked to see if you had the most beneficial home loan for you? Do you know what rate you are currently paying?

Over time, your personal and financial situation may change. You may get a pay rise, or decide on a sea-change. You might go from a safe corporate salary to the more uncertain income of the self-employed. Using the equity in your home you might want to buy an investment property, or finance something else.


As your needs and priorities change, you'll probably find that the right home loan product will change, and you'll need to refinance your mortgage.

Mortgage Refinancing Reasons; New Products

In the past, there was limited innovation in the mortgage market. But now competition between lenders is fierce and new products are constantly emerging that might suit your situation better. We can keep you up-to-date with new home loan products that might make it worthwhile to refinance your mortgage.


Refinancing your current loan just could save you thousands of dollars. Talk us today to find out if you can do better

Mortgage Refinancing Reasons; Rate Rise

In stable economic conditions, a variable interest rate might look more attractive, while in more volatile periods you could prefer the predictability of a fixed interest rate. Refinance your home loan to suit the economic times.

It's not only about the rate. Banks are eager for new business and there are good reasons to see if you are getting the best deal.