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Small to medium business's employ thousands of workers but often struggle to get the funding needed to keep their business financially healthy.


Lack of funding can be one of the more stressful parts of running your own business


There might be for a number of reasons why your business may want access to short or long term lending and the high street banks make it hard to get a sympathetic hearing if you don't fit their model.


This can be because there is a lack of collateral or maybe you are a new business without a long track record or maybe you don't have current financials available. Perhaps your cash flow is being hampered by customers not paying on time or maybe your business is enjoying rapid growth but the cash available just isn't keeping pace.


Gateway Loans has access not only to high street banks but also several reputable non-bank lenders who understand the requirements of business lending and whose rates are equal to, and sometimes , better than the banks. They also have the ability to react quickly to have loans settled when needed.


Gateway Loans can help you find the right finance to suit your business without the long wait and insistence of mountains of supporting paperwork normally associated with the high street banks. We will work with you to understand your business and identify just what sort of loan your business needs and how best to provide it in the shortest possible time. In particular we specialise in helping with the following:


Cash Flow - Funding for growth - Fit Outs - Leaseback - ATO Debts - Low Doc - Personal Loans - Equipment & Vehicle Leasing - Novated Leasing - Capital Purchases - Commercial Property Purchase - Investment - Construction - Development



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