Low Doc Loans

We know that sometimes there are things that happen in life that can stop us from achieving our dreams


We understand that for whatever reason, sometimes it’s difficult to be considered for a loan by the mainstream high street lenders. If you have a property, we may be able to help


We are committed to helping everyone get ahead and have access to a range of products specifically designed for those that do not fit the criteria of the big banks. In particular, we can help to find a solution for the following:

  • Business people wanting to raise working capital
  • Those just starting out in their business
  • Short term contractors
  • Consolidating existing debts
  • Adverse credit file
  • ATO debts

Just because the lender is not a high street bank it doesn’t always follow that interest rates will necessarily be high. There are genuine solutions and are ‘rate for risk’ products that will be fairly accessed on merit


If you think that you may have a problem or have been turned down by a bank, talk to us and let’s see if we can find a solution